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Changing the PIN-code – fast and conveniently!

Is it difficult for you to remember the PIN-code to your card? Here’s the solution! Now you can independently change the PIN-code for a four-digit combination, at any time convenient for you, at any Eurasian Bank ATM and anywhere in the world! 


How change I can the PIN-code in SmartBank Internet banking?

  1. log in to
  2. go to the "Applications" section
  3. select the "Setting/changing the PIN-code " option
  4. select the card you wish to change the PIN-code to
  5. enter the PIN-code you wish
  6. re-enter the PIN-code you wish


And also you can the PIN-code to your card at any Eurasian Bank ATM!


How change I can the PIN-code via ATM?

  1. Insert the card
  2. Enter the current PIN-code
  3. Select the “Changing the PIN-code” option
  4. Enter the PIN-code you wish
  5. Re-enter the PIN-code you wish


What are the requirements for the PIN-code?

No requirements for the PIN-code. It can be any combination of numbers convenient for you. At that we strongly recommend not to choose a combination that is too simple, like a set of identical digits (5555) or digits arranged in ascending or descending order (1234 или 9876), in order to avoid fraud with payment cards.

When changing the PIN-code, select the combination of four digits that you can easily remember (wedding date, grandmother’s birthday).

Also, it is not recommended to set the same PIN-code to all your payment cards.


How much does it cost?

The commission for the service is only 250 tenge!

You can change your PIN-code an unlimited number of times.


Make your PIN-code unforgettable!