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Frequently Asked Questions
How are deposits taxed?
Individuals’ deposits are not subject to taxation.
At what rate of return is a deposit extended?
If a deposit agreement between Eurasian Bank and a client provides for extending a deposit term, the interest rate will be the one in effect at the bank on the day of the extension.
When can I withdraw a deposit whose term is expiring -- on the last day of the agreement or on the following day?
On the last day of the agreement. That is the date specified in the agreement.
Can a minor – someone who is under 18 years old -- open a deposit account?
No. Only someone 18 or older can open an account.
What do I need to do to give another person access to my account?
You and the other person must come to the bank in person. You must provide the bank with a notarized statement allowing the other person access to your account.
What are the benefits of obtaining a debit or credit card for my deposit account?
A card allows you to use or keep track of your account round-the-clock. You can use an ATM to add money to your card, then use our SmartBank online banking system to transfer the money to your deposit account. Transfers between one’s own accounts are free. Cards are also issued for free.
Are Eurasian Bank deposits insured?
Yes. The Kazakhstan Deposits Guarantee Fund guarantees tenge deposits of 10 million or less and foreign-currency deposits of 5 million or less. Ifa deposit or has several deposit accounts, the total deposit guarantee will be 10 million tenge or its equivalent in another currency.
Is it possible to terminate a deposit agreement early?
Yes, butthere will be an interest-rate penalty. The amount of close-out interest that the depositor will receive is in the account-deposit agreement.
Do I need to give Eurasian Bank advance notice before closing a deposit account?
If your account exceeds 3 million tenge, or its equivalent in another currency, were commend that you let us know a day before you close the account. This will give us time to arrange your entire payout in cash and in large-denomination bills.  
Can I close a deposit account at any bank outlet?
No. You will need to close it at the outlet where you opened it.
Can I close a deposit account using SmartBank?
No, only in person at a bank outlet.
Is there a fee for withdrawing cash from a deposit account?
There is no fee for a cash withdrawal. There will also be no fee for a non-cash payment of money that has been in the account 30 days or more. If a non-cash payment is made with funds that have been in an account less than 30 days, a fee will be assessed. The fee will be 0.7% of the amount withdrawn in tenge and 1.1% of the amount withdrawn in another currency.
Can I convert money in a deposit account using SmartВank?
You can convert all funds in a current or card account except for the minimum deposit established under your deposit agreement. Currencies that you can convert from, or to, include tenge, dollars, euros and rubles. The conversion rate will be the bank’s exchange rate for the day.
When I open a deposit account, can I get a temporary bank card for it, then get a permanent card later?
Yes. We will order your permanent card on the day you open the deposit. It should be ready within 10 days. If it is not, we will have to issue you another temporary card.
Can someone besides an account holder add money to a deposit account?
Yes. This can be done at a bank outlet or ATM.
The person adding the money will need:
- when addingthrougha bank outlet: an ID card and the depositor’s 20-digit account number
- when adding through an ATM: the depositor’s IIN and 20-digit account number.
CanIopena deposit account for my mother without her being present?
No. She must be with you in person at a bank outlet in order for you to open an account for her.
What is Through Service?
Through Service allows you to add money to your account at any Eurasian Bank outlet. You can add the money in person or you can use the SmartBank online banking system. The SmartBank option involves you using an ATM to add money to your card, then using SmartBank to transfer the money to your deposit account.
Can I use tenge to add money to a foreign-currency account?
Yes. The way to do this is to use an ATM to add money to your card in tenge, then use SmartBank to transfer money from the card to your foreign-currency account.
Benefits of Eurasian Bank deposit accounts:
  1.  A card for a Super Turbo Deposit Card owner.;
  2.  Access to the SmartBank online banking system and the USSD streamlined mobile banking service.
  3.  You can use a bank card at an ATM 24/7 to add to and withdraw money from your account.
    How to open a deposit:  
    Fill out an application  
    Using SmartBank  
    Visiting an outlet  
    Contact a Eurasian Bank specialist for information about deposit accounts at +7 771 000 7722, +7 700 000 7722, +7 702 010 7722.