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SMARTBANK is an innovative Eurasian Bank Internet banking system for individuals


Managing your finances with smartbank is easy 

 - convenient – you have 24/7 access to your accounts and you can do your banking anywhere in the world.;

 - simple – the system has a user-friendly interface in six languages;

 - fast – you can perform a transaction with a few clicks.

 - free – no commission for payments and transfers within Eurasian Bank.


Smartbank lets you perform any banking transaction: 

 - you can make payments to over 500 providers of goods and services. This includes utilities, mobile phones, Internet service providers and many others;
 - you can make payments through the portal, including taxes and fees, and search for and pay any traffic citations you may have;
 - you can make transfers within Eurasian Bank in dollars, euros, rubles, som, yuan, pounds and Swiss francs;
 - you can make transfers within Eurasian Bank and to other banks in tenge – both to individuals’ accounts and to corporate accounts;
 - you can make transfers overseas in dollars, euros or rubles;
 - you can open deposit accounts in tenge, dollars, euros or rubles;
 - you can repay loans;
 - you can check account balances and statements for any period;
 - you can review loan information and check the status of a loan;
 - you can block or unblock a credit or debit card;
 - you can save payment and transfer templates;
 - you can arrange regular payments and transfers;
 - you can convert currency.


Smartbank registration is simple:

 - you can use the website*;

 - an ATM*;

 a payment terminal;

 - or you can ask the staff at any bank outlet.


User's manual





USSD-banking -  get quick access to your accounts and exchange rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Brief guide to using the service:
1. Dial *979# on your cellphone.
2. You will see options you can select. Punch just one number on your cellphone to select an option. For example, punch 1 for exchange rates  or 2 for card accounts.
3. Follow the instructions.


* for Eurasian Bank card holders.


Online registration is also available at self-service areas of bank outlets.





QR code for fast download of

SMARTBANK mobile application:

for iOS/Android/Windows