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Temporary Savings Account
Temporary Savings Account
If you are involved in founding a new corporation or other legal entitythat must meet a government requirement for registered capital, Eurasian Bank can offer you a special Temporary Savings Account for the funds needed to meet the requirement.
·              The account is designed to help a corporation, political party or other legal entity comply with the government’s initial capital requirement. The account can be opened by a person who founded, or took part in founding, the legal entity. The person can be a Kazakhstan resident or non-residentt.
Minimum deposit: 5,000 tenge.
Maximum deposit: unlimited.
Interest rate: Interest on the account will be 10% per annum if the government registers the legal entity and if the founder does not withdraw any of the money in the account before the end of the deposit term.
Interest payment: Interest will be paid at theend of the depositterm when the founder provides proof that the legal entity has been registered with the government. The founder will receive the principal amount of the deposit when the interest is paid.
Adding or partially withdrawing funds:When part of the deposit is withdrawn, the interest rate on the balance will be 1% per annum.
  •  A deposit agreement cannot be extended.
  •  If an agreement is terminated without the founder providing proof that  the government has registered the legal entity, the interest rate on the  deposit will be 1% per annum. 
  •  Interest rates*  
Nominal rates, %
Effective rates**, %
* Deviationsof +/- 10% perannumin the value of the annual effective interest rate are allowed under Kazakhstan law.
** The annual effective interest rateisbased on a formula that the National Bank of Kazakhstan adopted on March 26, 2012.
Eurasian Bank’s Assets and Liabilities Management Committee established this interest rate on June 12, 2012.
The interes trate established in the signed bank deposit agreement will remain in effect until the agreement is terminated.
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Benefits of Eurasian Bank deposit accounts:
  1.  A card for a Super Turbo Deposit Card owner.;
  2.  Access to the SmartBank online banking system and the USSD streamlined mobile banking service.
  3.  You can use a bank card at an ATM 24/7 to add to and withdraw money from your account.
    How to open a deposit:  
    Fill out an application  
    Using SmartBank  
    Visiting an outlet  
    Contact a Eurasian Bank specialist for information about deposit accounts at +7 771 000 7722, +7 700 000 7722, +7 702 010 7722.