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Term Deposit
The best way to draw interest on your money but have it available when you need it.
There are no minimum or maximum deposit amounts.
Interestpayment: Added to the amount of the deposit at the end of the calendar year.Interest and principal will be paid at the endofthedepositterm.
Deposit term: unlimited
Deposit currencies: tenge, dollars, euros or rubles.
Interest rates: 0,1% for tenge; 0,1% dollars or euros; 0,1% rubles.
Annual effective interest rate*: from 0,1% for tenge; 0,1% dollars or euros; 0,1% rubles.
Additionalcontributions: unlimited, cash and non-cash.
Partialwithdrawal: unlimited to the balance of the account.
Deposit conversion: not available.
**The annualeffectiveinterest rateisbased on a formula that the National Bank of Kazakhstan adopted on March 26, 2012. 
Eurasian Bank’s Assets and Liabilities Management Committee established this interest rate on August 5, 2011.
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Benefits of Eurasian Bank deposit accounts:
  1.  A card for a Super Turbo Deposit Card owner.;
  2.  Access to the SmartBank online banking system and the USSD streamlined mobile banking service.
  3.  You can use a bank card at an ATM 24/7 to add to and withdraw money from your account.
    How to open a deposit:  
    Fill out an application  
    Using SmartBank  
    Visiting an outlet  
    Contact a Eurasian Bank specialist for information about deposit accounts at +7 771 000 7722, +7 700 000 7722, +7 702 010 7722.