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Turbo Deposit

Manage your money easily!

Add and withdraw money to your deposit at any time!
Interest is accrued and paid every day, based on the account balance.
 TURBO Deposit
  • up to 10,5%* per annum
  • term of 3 to 36 months
  • you can add and withdraw easily
  • daily interest payment %
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Deposit insurance system

Card for the owner of the Super Turbo Deposit Card is free

  • CashBank of 1% or more on each card purchase amount
  • withdraw your money at any ATM of any Kazakhstan bank for free
  • for opening a card, please contact the Bank branch


TURBO Deposit Saving

  • up to 13,5%* per annum​
  • from 3 to 36 months
  • monthly interest payment to the deposit
  • no partial withdrawals

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     Benefits of Eurasian Bank deposit accounts:

        1.   A card for a Super Turbo Deposit Card owner.;

        2.   Access to the SmartBank online banking system and the USSD streamlined mobile banking


        3.   You can use a bank card at an ATM 24/7 to add to and withdraw money from your account.

     How to open a deposit:  
         Fill out an application
         Using SmartBank
         Visiting an outlet
     Confirmation of residency of the Republic of Kazakhstan  
         The Customer's Instruction for Obtaining Residency
         State Revenues Department​
        Contact a Eurasian Bank specialist for information about deposit accounts at +7 771 000 7722, +7 700 000 7722, +7 702 010 7722.