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TURBO Deposit Saving

Deposit type: saving​


Depositor: deposits are accepted from individuals aged over 18, residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Deposit currency: tenge​


Deposit term: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36 months


Minimum amount: 15 000 tenge​


Maximum amount: unlimited


Partial withdrawals: not available


Interest payment: monthly, by way of capitalization


Early termination: in case of early termination of the Deposit Agreement, the accrued / capitalized Depositor’s interest shall be recalculated for the actual time of the Deposit placement at the rate of the Term Deposit, effective at the Bank as of the date of termination of the Deposit Agreement. The amount of overly paid / capitalized interest shall be deducted from the Deposit amount, the remainder of the Deposit shall be returned to the Depositor. The Deposit shall be returned upon expiry of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the Depositor's application for return of the Deposit.

The rates of return* 


Term   TURBO Deposit Saving (with the right to add)   TURBO Deposit Saving (without the right to add)
Nominal rate of return, % per annum Maximal effective rate of return, % per annum Nominal rate of return, % per annum Maximal effective rate of return, % per annum
3 months


up to 11,50% 11,09% up to 12,00%
6 months 10,83% up to 11,50% 11,28% up to 12,00%
9 months 10,89% up to 11,50% 11,35% up to 12,00%
12 months 10,92% up to 11,50% 12,27% up to 13,00%
18 months 7,70% up to 8,00% 12,49% up to 13,25%
24 months 7,72% up to 8,00% 12,74% up to 13,50%
36 months 7,72% up to 8,00% 12,73% up to 13,50%

*The National Bank of Kazakhstan established the formula for calculatingannualeffectiverates on March26, 2012.


**A deviation of +/- 0.1% per annum is allowed on effective rates of return.


Interest rates have been approved by the Market Risks and Liquidity Committee of Eurasian Bank JSC, Decision No.КУРРиЛ-2018-2-692 dated 20.11.2018 (effective from 26.11.18).


Eurasian Bank’s Market Risk and Liquidity Committee sets rates of return

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How to open a deposit:  
    Fill out an application  
    Using SmartBank  
    Visiting an outlet  
    Contact a Eurasian Bank specialist for information about deposit accounts at 7722
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