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What is the personal rate?
The personal rate is a service from Eurasian Bank, when clients in Smartbank are provided with the individual exchange rate that favorably differs from the standard exchange rate. The exchange rate is calculated in real time taking into account the current situation in the foreign exchange market.

How to get your personal exchange rate*?

1. Go to your account at

2. Go to Conversion section.
3. Specify a transaction type: purchase or sale, currency type and the amount.
4. Select write-off and crediting accounts.

5. Read the conversion terms and click “Continue”.
6. Click “Get an individual rate”.

7. Then you need to authorize by getting a text message with the code and entering the PIN-code. The timeout for getting the exchange rate is not more than 3 minutes.   

What to do next?

After getting your special exchange rate you can:
1. Cancel the transaction.
2. Agree with the exchange rate provided by clicking “Next”.
3. Get a new exchange rate by clicking “Request again”.

How often is the personal exchange rate provided?
Every day from 10:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m. of Astana time the personal exchange rate is provided 3 times for free. You can additionally buy a package with 3 attempts for 1, 500 tenge.

Is there any conversion fee?
No, Eurasian Bank shall not charge a conversion fee.

Are there any limits on the transaction amount?
The minimal amount is 10, 000 USD or the equivalent amount in another currency.


What currencies are converted?
Tenge (KZT), US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Russian ruble (RUB).


You do not need to go to the outlet, bring a large amount of money with you and exchange it at the standard rate.
Manage your finances with Eurasian Bank!

* At the moment the service is not available for related persons of the Bank.